Introducing our new program chair: Angela Salse, AB'92, am'92

We hope you will join us in welcoming Angela to the alumni board!

Angela Salse, AB'92, AM'92, is a practicing attorney who earned her AB in political science and AM in Latin American Studies at UChicago.  Later she pursued law at the Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology.  She speaks several languages and currently focuses on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) matters in Washington, DC. After graduation, Angela began her career as a teacher at a local junior college before practicing law for several years in a variety of areas including general litigation, immigration law, human rights law, commercial real estate, and the FCPA. She also traveled throughout Latin America for academic and professional purposes, including countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

Angela has fond memories of her time spent at the University, including being an active member of the Model United Nations of Chicago (MUNUC) organization. She chaired a committee for the MUNUC’s annual event hosting high school students from across the country and served as President / Moderator for the Organization of American States.  She also participated in the traveling team which took her to Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania. During Angela’s junior year at the University, she had an internship at the Organization of American States which sparked her interest in international relations, women’s rights, and in working in Washington, DC, where she hoped to reside permanently one day. One of her favorite places to study at the University were the pits at Harper Library, which at that point had soft wedge pillows which made for restful cat naps while studying. Outside of coursework, she also enjoyed the movies at Max Palevsky theatre and the International House. While visiting Peru in college, she was able to participate in an archeological dig, which further drove Angela's desire to continue her travels across the world and to explore new cultures.

Having previously served as Vice President of the Alumni Law Society in DC and as an active member of the Latino Alumni Network, Angela looks forward to working with the DC area alumni community to plan and coordinated unique and interesting events.  Feel free to contact her with your suggestions at: