Notable Alumnus Profile: Jacob Grosshandler, AM'11

The DC Alumni Association will be recognizing notable, local alumni each month.

Jacob Grosshandler, AM'11, is co-founder of a boutique management consultancy—Splash 4 Partners—that specializes in business services, healthcare services, and healthcare IT.  As a consultant, he supports middle market executives and private equity professionals in making informed decisions around long term growth opportunities and investments.  His client work has afforded him opportunities to learn from leading physicians about best practices in adopting telemedicine services, engage with law enforcement officials on how they select technology vendors, and uncover what makes a research product valuable to hedge fund managers.   

Jacob also holds the title of Deal Sherpa with Private Equity Primer—a corporate training firm that supports the professional development goals of investment banks, private equity groups, accounting firms, and law firms.  In this role, he leads hands-on, experiential finance and transaction focused workshops for deal professionals.

The common theme between his work at Splash 4 Partners and Private Equity Primer is that both organizations aim to optimize performance and decision making through improved access to information and resources.  One focuses on the organizational level and the other emphasizes the performance of individuals and small teams.

Jacob remains active in the University’s alumni community by working with The Resume Exchange.  He holds a BA from Miami University and received his masters from The University of Chicago’s Committee on International Relations.