Schedule of Events:

Mastering Your Materials: Crafting Compelling Resumes and Cover Letters

Webinar  |  Thursday, June 11th, 12-1pm CDT  |  Watch the Recording

How to Network to Your Next Job

Webinar  |  Tuesday, June 16th, 12-1pm CDT  |  Watch the Recording

Young Alumni Live Resume Review

Resume Review  |  Thursday, June 25th, 12-1pm CDT  |  EVENT AT CAPACITY

Preparation, Presence & Practice: The Three Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Webinar  |  Tuesday, June 30th, 12-1pm CDT  |  Watch the Recording

Building Your Story Matrix: Strategies for Success in the Behavioral Interview

Webinar  |  Thursday, July 9th, 12-1pm CDT  |  Watch the Recording

Budgeting for People Who Hate Budgeting

Webinar  |  Thursday, July 16th, 12-1pm CDT  |  Watch the Recording

Fearless Salary Negotiation: How to Identify and Articulate Your Personal Value

Webinar  |  Wednesday, July 22nd, 12-1pm CDT  |  Watch the Recording

Is Graduate School the Right Step for Me? (+ Tips for a Standout Application)

Webinar  |  Wednesday, August 5th, 12-1pm CDT  |  Register Now!

Unlocking Your Leadership Potential as a New Professional

Webinar  |  Wednesday, August 12th, 12-1pm CDT  |  Register Now!

Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence for Career Pathing During COVID-19

Webinar  |  Wednesday, August 19th, 12-1pm CDT  |  Registration Coming Soon!

Staying Afloat When the Economy is Underwater: Advice from UChicago Alumni

Webinar  |  Wednesday, August 26th, 12-1pm CDT  |  Register Now!

Young Alumni Coffee + Conversations: Online Networking

Networking  |  Friday, August 28th, 9-10am CDT  |  Register Now!

Move Your Career Forward.

Young Alumni Career Development Series

Summer 2020

Each summer, the Young Alumni Career Development Series provides expert guidance, professional wisdom, and insider knowledge on topics such as fearlessly negotiating your salary, developing your leadership skills, and acing your next interview - as well as providing a live resume review. 

With 12 online events, Career Advancement and Alumni Career Programs will help guide you through some of the common obstacles and challenges you may face early in your career - useful advice in any economic climate, whether you end up in an office or working remotely.


Sam Constance

Assistant Director, Career Development

UChicago Alumni Career Programs