Alexi McCammond

Notable alumni profile: Alexi McCammond, AB'15

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Alexi McCammond, AB'15, was writing for The Gate at UChicago when Chuck Hagel resigned unexpectedly. She found that a fascinating time to start covering politics, and subsequently realized her love of pulling back the curtain on some of the most attention-grabbing headlines to really figure out what was going on. That's most of what she does now at Axios as a political reporter — digs deep into the nuances of an event or policy announcement or election to help people make well-informed decisions in their personal and professional lives.

Alexi currently covers the Democratic Party and the 2018 midterm elections for Axios. Previously, she covered the 2016 election for Bustle, a website for millennial women, in NYC. In her own words, "It has truly been an incomparable time to get my start in political reporting. The 24-hour news cycle is not slowing down any time soon, and I strive to cut through the noise and share the most important information, and why it matters, with readers. Whether running to the courtroom for Paul Manafort's hearings, meeting with a senator, or hitting the campaign trail from California to New Hampshire, I feel so fortunate to talk to people across the country, gather as much information as possible, and expose truths to people everywhere." 

Alexi sees her experience at UChicago as truly invaluable to her career in media — it taught her to question everything (including her own assumptions) and to respectfully debate with others with whom she disagrees. She continues, "Those are two core skills that I wish more people had the opportunity to learn from a place like UChicago, and something that I think about often when witnessing how divisive and polarized politics has become in our nation." Though as much as she loves learning for the sake of learning, something she knows she will continue to get from her career, the main thing that has motivated her every day is being able to expose people to new ways of thinking and being a representative for women and people of color in an industry that is still dominated by white men. Alexi believes UChicago expanded her worldview and the way she thinks about things in a way that she wouldn't have earned anywhere else. She sees it as a privilege to bring that with her at a time when she's lucky enough to have access to so many different types of people around the world and to have the honor of distilling information and making news.